API ReferenceΒΆ

Welcome to the PySys System Test Framework.

pysys.basetest contains (or provides links to) pretty much everything you need for the main business of creating testcases using PySys.

However for more advanced users, it is possible to customize many aspects of PySys behaviour by providing custom implementations of PySys classes described in this API reference:

There are also many utility functions which could be helpful when creating custom assertion methods. However before using any functions from pysys.utils, always check first if there is a more convenient method available to do the job on pysys.basetest.BaseTest/pysys.baserunner.BaseRunner.


The runner is responsible for orchestrating concurrent execution of the tests, and for setup/cleanup of any resources that are shared across multiple tests.


Standard constants that are used throughout the PySys framework.


Exceptions used and raised by PySys methods.


Implementation of the pysys.py command line launcher.


Mappers that filter or transform lines of input, for use with methods such as pysys.basetest.BaseTest.copy.


Process execution and monitoring implementations.


Unit test support (currently just PyUnit).


Utility functions and classes.


Writers are configurable plugins responsible for summarising test results or processing test output as each test completes, or at the end when all tests has completed.


Test/directory descriptors (pysystest.xml/pysysdirconfig.xml) and project configuration (pysysproject.xml).